Financial and leadership bankruptcy

Dear Editor,
Being a victim of exploitation more times than I care to remember prompted me to raise this issue yet again to beg the attention of our concerned authority towards nonpayment of our salary since three months.
Though employees are entitled to be paid on time as part of the contract of employment, it still remains a distant dream for all the contractual teachers under ISSE (erstwhile SSA).
It has been like this since its inception with deceptive practices and we are only hoping things will change for good one day.
It requires no legal expert to understand that this practice violates the constitutional right of the employees. And our concerned authority even failed to heed the hardship we are facing due to nonpayment of salary on time.
But the same concerned authority continually demands teachers’ loyalty in default and it is antithetic to any claims of good governance and I reckon the teachers are absolutely justified to go on strike.
The system is making the contractual Teachers suffer, the immediate family and dependants suffer, and society is worse off for harbouring stress-filled human beings.
I assume its financial bankruptcy on government’s part to be unable to pay the salary of its employees for months, which is disgraceful and more shameful is the leadership bankruptcy that has endangered it by not doing enough to end the contractual SSA Teachers’ ordeal in the state.
So, the present situation calls for serious approach by the concerned authority in order to establish a permanent system to disburse our salaries monthly and upgrade the terrible condition of all the suffering Teachers.
A teacher