The road couldn’t be clearer

Dear Editor, 
It’s quite ridiculous how often people go around exhibiting themselves as representations of the majority, or representations of many, even though they may only have a handful around with them.
Only yesterday did I come across a video on social media, with an individual claiming that he has the support of many mains appeared candidates, while he only had signature of about 30 on paper.
Well let me tell you, I am one of the ones who appeared, and I for one do not support whatever he claims to have submitted to the commission. I don’t have knowledge of details of the request made, neither am I interested.
I find it difficult to understand why, being so well educated, having appeared for the mains, or having qualified the prelims, people fail to understand the importance of clear cut articulation of everything they put forward in social media.
If you have the signatures of about 30 people on paper, please for God’s sake say you have the support of 30 people. The “many” other supporters you claim to have on your side, please don’t claim unless you have first hand proof to show it.
It’s Ironic how the essay paper of the just concluded mains fiasco had an option as social media, and I am doubly sure at least 90 percent chose social media as their topic. Why ironic? Well, this mains fiasco itself can be said to be a product of social media.
WhatsApp groups cropped up over time, which soon blossomed, becoming a source of utter unadulterated non-sensical rumours, which put many candidates in a state of perpetual inertia, neither being able to stop preparation completely, nor being able to give their 100 percent to preparation.
This fiasco has reached a stage of nauseating crescendo.
Pleading by either of the Groups makes very little sense at the moment. Basically because the case is sub-judice, and either party now have no other alternative than pray for a court verdict for or against the commerce case.
The road couldn’t be clearer. And please stop representing the majority when you do not have genuine facts to back such a claim. Because there are “many” like me who are not on either side.
Mains appeared
nauseated candidate