Panellists suggest immediate reformation of APPSC

Absence of govt, APPSC representatives draws criticism

[ Nellie N Manpoong ]

ITANAGAR, Dec 4: A group of panellists met on Tuesday to hold discussions on the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination (APPSCCE) 2017-18 issue at the DK Convention Centre here and suggested immediate reformation of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) and its functioning structure.
While the panellists of APPSCCE candidates, political parties, student organisations and social activists failed to come up with a satisfactory solution to the impasse between various parties involved in the exam, the house largely opined that the APPSC required drastic and immediate reformation.
Even as IAF Wing Commander (Rtd) Gyati Kago advised placing the suggestions of the house to Rajiv Gandhi University’s Vice Chancellor Saket Kushwaha, candidates that appeared for the APPSCCE (Mains) said that it was not wise to influence the expert inquiry committee’s decision as they would only be involved with the subjects and not with the commission.
Kago suggested that the Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) and the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) draft a report and place the suggestions of the house to the RGU VC.
He, however, maintained that the suggestions should come under the purview of the RGU VC.
“Our suggestions to the VC should be limited to the examination, and the rest of the things should be put up before the government,” he suggested.
Speaking for those who appeared for the APPSCCE (Mains), Kevin Techi said that a reformation at this point was unfeasible and if any representation for a reform has to be submitted, it should be submitted to the government.
“The expert committee has been asked to be formed for a very specific purpose; to check the anomalies and not the system itself. The systematic reforms would come only from the government, which has already made it a point that it is going to take it up in the next legislative session,” he said.
On behalf of candidates that did not appear for the APPSCCE (Mains), Kesto Loriak said that it was necessary for all candidates to join hands and seek a solution that helps everyone.
On seeking a reformation after the situation settles down, Loriak said that “this excuse has continued for years.”
“Last time when a reformation was sought, candidates were asked to first appear for the prelims; then they were asked to appear for mains and so on. If the commission is ready to bring in a reformation now, we are prepared to sacrifice our mains candidature and start from ground zero,” he said.
Speaking for candidates fighting in court, Biken Nyikyor said that everyone was concerned with their own situation and not looking at the bigger picture.
“It does not affect only us but future candidates as well,” he added, while also expecting a positive outcome of their case.
Representing the Congress party, its spokesperson Toko Meena said the APPSCCE had similar anomalies some two decades ago as well, and the situation has come to this today, because “they did not fight against it.”
“If candidates had sought reformation, refinement and restructuring of the APPSC then, you would not have been fighting amongst yourselves,” she told candidates, and called out on the absence of the state government and APPSC representatives.
Candidates that participated also raised concern over the absence of representatives from the state government and the APPSC, who reportedly failed to participate at the last minute, citing various reasons.
On the role of the state’s apex student body, APPSU general secretary Tobom Dai said that the union would work out on the issue by itself.
“As a student-based organisation, we are fully concerned with the imbroglio. But we are sandwiched between various parties of candidates and cannot take hasty decisions. However, we also believe the commission requires changes,” he said.
Former chairperson of Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women, Jarjum Ete called on all stakeholders, including the government and the APPSC, to take the matter seriously.
“Those responsible for appointing the commission should consider revamping the exam and follow the UPSC patter and uphold the merit of the APPSC,” she said.
Managing Editor of the Eastern Sentinel, Kenter Riba said that those in the helm of affairs should take note of the situation and make a change.
“Chief Minister Pema Khandu had assured to look into the matter on a few occasions and he should not go back on his words. No one should shy away from their responsibilities,” she added.
Earlier, ACS chairman Patey Tayum gave an overview of the anomalies that had occurred in the current examination as well of previous years, while WRD Executive Engineer Hage Mobing proposed various ways to mitigate the issue of all the different sections of candidates. NPP vice president Nima Sangey Saling also said that his party endorses the need for the APPSC’s reformation.
Later, Tayum said that he would compile the suggestions placed by the panellists and place it before the VC for consideration. He also said that he would take up the matter with the governor and state government to be placed in the next assembly session.
The panel discussion was organised by the Capital Digital Cable Network.