What is need for tax exception certificate for ST employees?

Dear Editor,
This is regarding the circular issued by the govt. for submission of income tax exemption certificate by state govt. employees:
1. If the circular is to be complied, thousands of employees who are mostly ST will have to visit Income Tax Offices (ITO) located in Assam for getting this document. Even though, by law; they are exempted under section 10(26) of IT Act, 1961.
2. This would result in taking mass leave and spending amounts for travelling and lodging for visit to the IT office. You never know how long they will take to issue the certificate. Won’t this affect office work and families, who don’t even get salary in time?
3. Don’t you think it is an unnecessary harassment for already exempted ST individuals?
4. The certificate will be valid for one financial year only meaning, every year same problem.
5. People based at Itanagar falls under the jurisdiction of ITO Lakhimpur, why do employees working at Itanagar have to get it from Tezpur?
6. Since this compliance effects all ST employees of the state, can’t state govt. in liaison with ITO set up a branch at every district headquarter or atleast at Itanagar to process this certificate?
7. The circular should be rolled back unless arrangements are not made for issuance at local level.
A concerned citizen