FMD outbreak claims several mithuns in Papum Pare

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Dec 5: Sporadic outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) among bovine has been reported in the entire Papum Pare district, with high mortality rate.
The local villagers claimed that FMD has so far claimed the lives of over 50 mithuns in Papum Pare district. The worst hit circles are Balijan, Sandupota, Toru, Kakoi and Kimin.
However, Veterinary Officer (headquarter) Dr Seba Yomdo has contradicted the total mortality number, and claimed that the death toll may be between 15 to 20 bovine in the entire district.
“We do not have any official record on the exact mortality rate. However, it should be mass mortality as the villagers are claiming” said the VO.
Dr Yomdo said the first case of FMD outbreak was reported at Tapioso area under Sangdupota circle in June. It was believed to have been transmitted from wild animals’ carcasses, which gradually spread across the district, he added.
“FMD is not fatal, but it weakens the animals and makes them emaciated, resulting in death,” Dr Yomdo observed.
Deputy Commissioner Papum Pare Dr Joram Beda confirmed the sporadic occurrence of FMD along the foothills areas.
He said that the department of Veterinary has conducted animal health camps at places where FMD was reported.
“On the sideline of Sakar Aapke Dwar, the veterinary department has been conducting animal help camps,” said Dr Beda.
The department has also trained villagers on ways to apply medicines on infected areas, like oral blister and cloven, he said.
FMD is a viral, contagious disease which is common in cloven-hoofed animals. The virus causes high fever for around two to six days, followed by blisters inside the mouth and on the feet that may rupture and cause lameness.
Reportedly, the vaccine normally takes three weeks for gestation and to develop immunity. In between, if the vaccinated animal comes in contact with an already infected animal, the vaccine does not work.