The Arunachal Times stands out for its dedication to environmental causes

Dear Editor,
I would like to congratulate as well as pay my sincere gratitude to the editorial team and staff members of The Arunachal Times for overwhelming coverage on local ecosystem and environment of December 6, 2018 issue with news reports such as: FMD Outbreak claims several mithuns in Papum pare, Black-necked cranes land in Sangti amiodst habitat devastation, Carcass of wild animals seized, World Soil Day celebrated across KVKs, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan at Shyo, Skill development training on organic farming in addition to images related to wildlife, ecosystem and environment as well as accommodating letters from dedicated readers on black-necked crane. The online version of The Arunachal Times is loaded with several important environment related news from the state of Arunachal Pradesh. In spite of the limitations of being a small, regional news platform; The Arunachal Times has been diligently demonstrating monumental service in catering towards environmental needs of the state and for educating and making the public aware of ecological and environment related news.
In this age of social media and political news dominating the central focus of most media agencies across the planet; The Arunachal Times stands out head and shoulder above all major newspapers in English across India for being so dedicated and supportive towards environmental causes and concerns.
The quantity and quality of news generated by most government, private as well as independent media sources across the globe are nowadays loaded with information related to futile negative local and international politics; sex, violence, abuses, discrimination, accidents, riots, wars, terror attacks, mob violence, police inaction, corruption, nepotism, fraud, murder, failing economy to name only a handful. It is important to accommodate some different aspect of life with news too for building the newer generation and to provide a relief from the challenges of our present difficult life and challenges of our global existence. Life has more to offer than just struggle and it is important to motivate people towards positive aspect of our socio-economic as well as socio-political life. International media houses that frame and help in developing global opinion should also look forward in accommodating some positive news that could provide direction to our younger generations and help them to look forward towards something to make them better and responsible citizen. I extend my sincere gratitude one gain to The Arunachal Times for being able to withstand this media pressure and being environmentally sensitive for decades and catering towards public education and awareness. Hats off The Arunachal Times for being so ecocentric!
Saikat Kumar Basu,