Do away with heavy school bags, provide bookshelves

Dear Editor,
It is disheartening to see school children walking to school weighed down by heavy school bags. Bags are often heavier than the weight of the children. So much so that it may damage their vertebral column and knees.
Do school and government care about them? School can provide bookshelves to every student and the government can also provide necessary monetary aid for this.
School can also change their academic schedule in such a way that they can divide weekdays according to the subject. So that instead of carrying books a student can use only three to four books on particular day.
By seeing the gravity of problem, recently, the ministry of human resources development issued a circular to the state and UTs. It says school bags for class I-ii should not be above 1.5kg. For classes’ iii-v (2-3kg), classes’ vi-viii (4.5kg) and classes X (5kg). So, it is high time for the government of Arunachal Pradesh to strictly adhere to the circular for the welfare of school going children.
A concern citizen