Robin Hibu gets social service award

ITANAGAR, Dec 18: The Delhi Minority Commission (DMC) has awarded IPS officer Robin Hibu, who heads NGO Helping Hands, its Social Service Award 2018 “for leading exceptional initiatives in serving distressed Northeast people and youth empowerment in Delhi.”
In his acceptance speech, Hibu apprised the DMC of the problems faced by the people from the Northeast living in Delhi, including issues related to housing, nonpayment of salary, harassment and exploitation in private sectors, difficulties in getting empathetic legal assistance, problems of shelter homes for the distressed and the victimized, and non-representation of the NE people at resident welfare associations and the chamber of commerce.
“There is no platform for the people of the region to have their problems redressed,” he said.
Hibu later informed that the commission has agreed to take up the issues and would soon appoint advisors from among the people from the NE residing in Delhi.