Forum accuses Seppa MLA of nepotism

MLA denies allegations

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Dec 26: The Reformative Peoples Forum (RPF) alleged 10th East Seppa Assembly Constituency Tapuk Taku of nepotism and blamed him for the poor infrastructure of the constituency.
Addressing a press conference here at the press club on Wednesday, RPF chief patron Rajo Gyadi informed that the forum has written to the state’s chief secretary on 24 December and cited various other claims and allegations against the local MLA and sought action for the same.
Gyadi informed reporters that some individuals are “illegally encroaching” the government forest land with illegal NOCs against the forest department’s nursery in Seppa town, which was allegedly initiated by MLA Taku.
He also claimed that the mini secretariat at Seppa (worth Rs 23, 46, 65, 000) is scheduled to be completed by 31 December, 2018 according to the tender agreement, but only 20 percent of the work was completed with the contractor already withdrawing Rs 5 crore for the same.
Gyadi informed that the construction work for the mini secretariat was awarded to M/s Capital Enterprise and was taken over by the MLA’s brother, Tassang Taku.
The forum also made claims that fund meant for carpeting Seppa township road was siphoned off.
The work, it said, was sanctioned under the SIDF and executed by M/s FT Enterprises, the proprietor of which is Fesam Taku, wife of MLA Taku.
Other allegations included government officers giving out “fake job appointments to innocent people” under the influence of the local MLA with the intent of luring voters, besides alleging Rocky Taku, another brother of the MLA, of converting the unemployed women’s hostel and old age and destitute home of the UD department into a private school (Sunrise Residential School) on a 30-year lease agreement.
The RPF also requested the chief secretary to initiate necessary action on all the allegations and said that it would continue to fight against the “nepotism activities” of the MLA.
Meanwhile, the MLA denied all allegations and said it was a political tactic to tarnish the image of the BJP government.
Speaking to reporters, Taku clarified that the department concerned was monitoring the construction of the mini secretariat and he could not be held responsible for its delay.
On allegations of siphoning off money meant for the town’s road, he said the carpeting work has already been completed, which was also appreciated by the chief secretary during his visit.
Regarding conversion of the old age home to a private school, Taku said that the concerned department “must have given it to another party for some welfare measures” and he is not party to any of the allegations made against him, including the fake appointments and granting government land for encroachment.
“I have no involvement in the claims the RPF has made. It is a political tactic to tarnish the image of the BJP as well as my image in the public eye,” he added.