Ering to introduce three private member bills in LS

ITANAGAR, Dec 27: Arunachal Pradesh MP Ninong Ering is going to introduce three private member bills in the Lok Sabha on 28 December.
These bills include the Prevention of Custodial Torture Bill, 2018; the Social Media Accountability Bill, 2018; and the Railways (Amendment) Bill, 2018, or the Railways Safety Bill, 2018.
The Prevention of Custodial Torture Bill advocates punishment for torture and inhumane or degrading treatment inflicted by public servants or any person to a victim in custody; protection of the interests of victims, complainants and witnesses from all kinds of ill-treatment; and suitable compensation for the victims.
The Social Media Accountability Bill is aimed at holding media service providers accountable for the contents uploaded on their respective portals. The bill proposes constitution of a network enforcement authority to adjudicate all disputes and punish wrongdoers as per the provisions of the act.
The Railways (Amendment) Bill or the Railways Safety Bill seeks constitution of an independent ‘railway safety board’ to ensure proper safety mechanisms in the Indian Railways.