APPSC’’s latest move is an insult to the intelligence of common citizen

Dear Editor,
The APPSCCE fiasco took an interesting turn couple of days back, with the commission going to double bench to get the advised RGU committee repealed. According to them, they have looked into the alleged anomalies, submitted in separate representations by the candidates of geography, commerce and civil engineering, with respect to the APPSCCE, as reported by the newspaper.
The biggest hypocritical statement which is also full of irony is in one of the reasons cited for the repeal of the proposed committee is it will affect the 1339 qualified candidates. The same commission that did not even stop to consider the fact that 52 per cent students sat out of the exams and even as far as branding them as non serious and unprepared candidates is worried that a committee that has been proposed to investigate their misgivings will have consequences on the 1339 qualified students, talk about playing yourself.
Another reason they have cited is of potential bias of RGU professors and their influence on the committee. They have also informed about the number of questions dropped to negate the effect of out of syllabus questions. We as students want to know how can the commission ensure that the internal committee that APPSC formed to look into the anomalies was completely fair and unbiased and not a damage control move from the side of the commission? If the commission is so sure about its findings why can’t it substantiate it with the release of answer keys and cut off marks (citing constitutional status and procedural hindrances will not help their cause of non transparency).
The Madhya Pradesh public Service Commission and the Uttar Pradesh Public service Commission are couple of examples of the commissions who release answer key as well as cut off marks after the prelims and also give time to students to register their grievances regarding the same.
“This would be an unending affair as much as even after this particular report is submitted, some candidates may again come against the said report”, where was this concern when they so adamantly decided to go ahead with the examination on 10th of November when the stay was vacated just 12-15 hours back? They are worried about the perpetuation of troubles due to the report but were relaxed about the ongoing multiple cases then, why? Would it not be an never ending affairs if the aggrieved students keep on pursuing the case and hence endangering the candidature of the 48 per cent that gave the exam (the rest 52% do not count in the eyes of the commission).
Suddenly this new found affection for the 1339 students that commission has discovered is downright exasperating and an insult to the intelligence of a common denizen of Arunachal Pradesh.
The reformation in the commission is the call of the hour but only God knows who is going to answer the call, in the meantime merry Christmas and a happy new year.