NFC named custodian of Nyishi festival assets

NIRJULI, Jan 12: Following up on the resolution to entrust the Nyishi Festival Council (NFC) to be the custodian of common Nyishi festival grounds and auditoriums/assets across the Nyishi inhabited areas within and outside the state, the formal handing and taking over of the Nyikum Nyia Complex here in Papum Pare district was carried out on Friday between Central Nyokum Committee (CNC) chairman Bengia Tolum and NFC chairman Tarin Dakpe.
The ceremony was witnessed by the executive members of the Nyishi Elite Society (NES), the NFC, the Nyishi Art & Culture Welfare Society, and the three wings of the Nyishi traditional festival committees – the Central Boori-Boot Yullo Committee, the Central Longte Committee, and the CNC.
With this, the headquarters of the NFC, as well as the headquarters of the traditional Nyishi festival committees, has been established at Nyikum Nyia Complex.
“With this dispensation, the three Nyishi traditional festival committees shall be regulated,” stated an NFC release.