Conduct comprehensive surveys

Dear Editor,
The report of Bengal tigers captured on trap cameras from remote forested areas of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, once again suggest how much this picturesque state of the Indian republic has to offer to the global audience. It is therefore important to conduct more elaborate comprehensive surveys in further remote areas and mountainous reaches of the state specifically in the predominantly under-explored international border areas adjacent to Tibet and Myanmar. Collaborative surveys by the zoological, botanical, geological and anthropological surveys in coordination with central environment ministry together with the state forest department and Indian army can help find new resources and wildlife milestones for the state. The use of trap cameras, GPS-GIS mediated space imaging technology, use of drone surveillance over large tracts of forested lands and mountainous terrains, radio telemetry in tracking radio-collared animals, DNA analysis from scat, skin, fur, hair, ear lobe, saliva and blood samples could provide valuable information regarding endangered and critically endangered species of the state. New natural resources, wildlife and biodiversity hotspots could be identified through such surveys in the state and drag more tourists for added attraction. Vast sections of Arunachal Pradesh is still not surveyed and do not have quality natural resource maps. The state should push the central government to allocate additional funds to help the state in conducting comprehensive surveys.
Saikat Kumar Basu