Double standard

The state of Karnataka is witnessing massive political slugfest over number game. Both BJP and Congress-JDS is alleging each other of indulging in horse trading to buy MLAs. The pullout of two independent lawmakers on Tuesday triggered talk of the Janata Dal Secular-Congress coalition tottering after seven months of coming to power. Adding to it, 100 Karnataka BJP lawmakers are currently camping in a luxurious hotel at Gurugram near Delhi. Some Congress MLAs are also reportedly camping in a hotel in Mumbai. This whole drama has cast poor light on Indian politics.
Also it has potential to harm the image of BJP and especially that of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It exposes Modi’s claim of fighting corruption. If the MLAs are poached from other parties with allurement then how can BJP claim that they are fighting corruption? Is not this a double standard? They used similar tactics in Arunachal Pradesh to topple an elected Congress government. In their quest for power the saffron party is using every trick in the dictionary. It might help BJP to grab power and appease their core supporters but majority of Indians who elected them for their promise to fight corruption will be deeply disappointed. The buying of MLAs to topple an elected government is one of the worst forms of corruption. The instability gripping Karnatak is not in the interest of the people. People are suffering a lot as Congress-JDS combine is busy saving its government. Infact the governance has taken complete back seat.