Reh literary event for children

ROING, Jan 16: Forty-two children aged 3 to 8 years took part in the first of its kind literary event, the ‘children’s poem/rhyme recitation’ and ‘storytelling/folk tales’ in the Idu-Mishmi language here on Wednesday at the Central Rehko, Cheta.
The programme was organized by the Central Reh Celebration Committee (CRCC) 2019 as part of the CRC’s literary programme.
In the rhyme and poem recitation, first place was shared by Enila Molo and Eumi Miso, Abinga Umpo came in at second, while Xinulee Molo, Degu Dele, Asasi Tapo and Denjaya Mendo, came third.
In the story narration competition, Nemesia Chawang won first place and Hinda Mega came in second.
CRCC literary secretary Karishma Pulu said that all the participants will be given appreciation prizes by the CRCC-2019 as an encouragement.
The Reh Literary Programme 2019 also comprises of other events like quiz, essay, debate and extempore and drawing.
The event was sponsored by Roing SP Sanjay Kumar Sain, Partho Pratim Bhattacharjee, Abralow Memorial Multipurpose Society and the Essomi Foundation.