Cleanliness drive organised

DUTTA, Jan 19: The Dutta Papyung Conservation Committee, in collaboration with the All Dutta Students’ Union, the Dutta Youth
Association and the Chol Bol Patang, besides GBs and other residents organised a cleanliness drive here in Lower Subansiri district on Saturday.
Dr Kuru Tama briefed the participants on the importance of maintaining clean surroundings, and on diseases like typhoid, malaria, cholera, etc, caused by unhygienic surroundings.
Engineer Hibu Kojing spoke on the negative effects of open defecation. He advised the people to construct economic soak pits near septic tanks, or to build two pits, “so that another can be used when one is full, and after decompose of the same it can be used as manures.”
He also advised the people against using plastic, in order to protect the environment.