Shun money culture in elections: Cheda

PIPU, Jan 20: Former Arunachal Press Club (APC) president Chopa Cheda urged the people to “shun money culture,” while addressing the gathering at the closing ceremony of the silver jubilee celebration of the Likwa Gyadi Baptist church here in East Kameng district on Sunday.
Cheda also commended the ‘Clean election campaign’ initiated by the Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC).
“Churches can play a major role with such initiatives for a corruption-free state and fair elections, and produce good leaders for society,” he said.
Stressing on preservation of tradition and culture, he appealed to the people to give equal space to other religions also.
“One of the major teachings of Jesus is to give respect and love to others, and we should follow his teachings without discrimination to others,” Cheda said.
Expressing concern over poor infrastructure and connectivity in Pipu and Gyawepurang circles for decades, he urged the locals to “choose a leader who can work and stand for his people, irrespective of party or area.”
NBCC general secretary Tarh Choya elaborated the ‘Clean election campaign’ of the NBCC.
“We should refrain from taking money for votes, consuming alcohol during elections, violating the adult franchise by underage enrollment, bogus voting, misunderstanding and violence during elections within the family,” he said.
Former Gyawepurang ZPM Demo Gyadi, the event’s organising committee member Pebo Gyadi and others also spoke.
The event also featured games, cultural presentations and a community feast. An audio album was also released on the occasion.