Field prog on yak productivity held

LHAU, Jan 21: Fifty yak and yak-cattle hybrid farmers from Lhau, Shajo and Jang areas participated in a field programme on ‘maintenance of optimum productivity in yaks during winter’ organised here in West Kameng district by the ICAR’s Dirang-based National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY), in collaboration with the animal husbandry & veterinary department, on Monday.
During the programme, the NRCY team briefed the yak farmers on scientific feeding, breeding and reproductive and health management of yak and yak-cattle hybrids. The farmers were also apprised of hygienically maintaining themselves and their environment, as well as of value addition to yak products.
Senior Veterinary Officer Dr Thopten Tashi commended NRCY Director Dr P Chakravarty for offering the benefits of the institute’s TSP fund in the form of tarpaulins, shovels, yak feed, veterinary medicines, etc.
The programme was conducted by Drs D Medhi and Thopten Tashi along with other staffers of the ICAR and the NRCY.