Shed anti-development attitude

The report of constant disruption of the ongoing construction of cement concrete (CC) road at Nirjuli is very disturbing news. As per the report in media, some unidentified anti-social elements are creating mayhem in construction of CC road between Rayo and Anya colonies in Nirjuli. This kind of attitude is hurting the image of the state. The roads are constructed for the benefit of people. They are duty bound to extend support towards such projects by creating a healthy atmosphere. It is unfortunate that some people are taking pride in creating obstacle in the path of development.
The construction agency and contractors should file police against these anti-social elements. Let them be strongly punished for their crime. In the last decade Arunachal Pradesh has acquired notoriety for being a very difficult place to execute infrastructure projects. Especially in the western part of state most of infrastructure projects including Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) and Hollongi Green Field Airport have failed due to anti-development attitude of the local citizens. They want good road and airport but are not willing to donate even an inch of land free of cost. The greed for compensation money has stalled TAH and green field airport projects. But off late few people have come out to voluntarily donate land free of cost for construction of TAH which is a good sign. The people of Arunachal have to understand that unless they extend support for implementation of development projects, the state will not progress. If the newly constructed CC road gets damaged, the sufferer will be the people of Rayo and Anya colonies. The fact is that contractor and department have nothing to lose.