IAF issues clarification, says civilian loads carried only on requisition

VIJAYNAGAR, Jan 24: Reacting to the report that the locals did not allow an Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter to land at the advanced landing ground (ALG) here in Changlang district on Wednesday in protest against the IAF’s not carrying cardamom produced by them to Miao, a defence release on Thursday said military aircraft are meant to carry out only military operations, which include carrying of military personnel and loads only.
“The IAF carries civilian loads and passengers, if the need arises, only on the requisition of state authorities,” it said.
It said the IAF has always been supporting the locals around all ALGs and border areas, but that “the official request for carrying civilians and load was not available on that day due to some miscommunication.”
Normal operation on the ALG with IAF loads has been restored and the carrying of civilian loads and passengers has commenced, based on requisition by the state government, it said.
The IAF is committed to revive the Vijaynagar ALG for landing fixed-wing aircraft, the release said.