Union alleges misuse of CMSSY fund

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jan 25: The All Kra Daadi District Students’ Union (AKDDSU) on Friday alleged that the education department in the district prepared fake student stipend lists and improperly distributed midday meals, school uniforms and sanitary napkins in the schools under the CM Samast Shiksha Yojana (CMSSY).
Addressing media persons at the press club here, AKDDSU president Gora Rikam Bhai alleged that the selection of schools for implementation of the CMSSY in Kra-Daadi involved political bias, saying “many of the selected schools are defunct, and implementation of the scheme won’t yield anything good for the current educational system.”
Armed with documents, Rikam said: “The very purpose of the CMSSY has failed as the basic needs of the students have been compromised for the political benefit of a few individuals.”
He urged the state government to immediately reconstitute the board, involving MLAs, student leaders, etc, to ensure free and fair implementation of the scheme in the district.
The state government had earmarked Rs 4 crore for each district under the CMSSY for repair and maintenance of classrooms, electrification (internal wiring), and procurement of furniture, computers, printers, laptops and Xerox machines, besides installing internet facility, and such.
Rikam claimed that several schools in Kra Daadi do not have the exact number of students as that which appears in the stipend enrollment lists.
“Fake stipend lists have been prepared in various schools just for money,” he said.
Requesting the authority concerned to check the discrepancy, Rikam further alleged that the midday meal provisions for several schools of the district “are uncertain,” and that quotations for them had not been floated according to the procedure prescribed by the government.
Rikam said the ground reality of the midday meal implementation in the district “is totally different from what is shown on paper,” and urged the department concerned to look into the matter.
The AKDDSU president, who had recently visited various schools in Kra Daadi with his team, said the students were found to be without uniforms “as they have not been supplied with the uniforms as per the supply guidelines,” and called for inquiry into the matter.
“The supply of sanitary napkins is also not implemented in the district,” Rikam claimed, and termed it gross violation on the part of the department.
The union meanwhile also accused the Kurung Kumey DDSE of being irregular in his duty.
“The DDSE remains absent from his office. Many important issues have remained unattended for long and schools have not been inspected for years,” the union alleged.
“The DDSE works according to his whims and fancies, owing to which the educational scenario in the district is awful,” it added.
The union demanded an SIT inquiry against the DDSE, and also that he be transferred from the district.
Earlier, in the morning, members of the union, led by Rikam, submitted a six-point memorandum to the chief secretary for immediate redress.