Don’t bury people’s sentiments, AAPSU tells govt on CAB

ITANAGAR, Jan 27: Speaking out against the citizenship amendment bill (CAB), the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) on Sunday said the state government “should not be taken away with the whims of the central government by burying the sentiments and future consequence of the future generation of the state.”
“The CAB is against the sentiments and the rights of the indigenous people of the state,” the union stated in a press release, and also urged people in responsible positions
to stop making “loose comments on the CAB.”
Meanwhile, the AAPSU condemned the state government for awarding Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan during the Republic Day celebration, saying the DC misused his position with regard to the work on the Trans-Arunachal Highway project in the capital.
The union also condemned the unfortunate incident of the Indian tricolour falling before it was unfurled by the governor during the R-Day function at IG Park.