Monitor implementation of CMSSY

One of the most important projects initiated by the Pema Khandu led government to improve the education scenario in the state has run into trouble. On Friday All Kra Daadi District Students’ Union alleged gross misuse of fund in Kra Daadi district in the implementation of Chief Minister Samast Shiksha Yojana (CMSSY). Under this scheme the government has earmarked Rs 4 crore for each district for the repair and maintenance of classrooms, electrification, procurement of furniture, computers, printers, laptops Xerox machines, etc. Most of the government run schools are in dilapidated condition in the state. Pitiable infrastructure is cited to be one of the reasons for the poor performance of students in board examinations.
Considering the above facts the importance of CMSSY manifolds. It is a very critical scheme and if successfully implemented, it has potential to change the face of the government schools of state. Rs 4 crore is a massive amount of money. The allegation of misuse of fund in Kra Daadi district needs to be properly investigated. If anyone is found misusing the fund, strong action should be initiated against them. The duty of government is not just to frame policies but also to ensure that it is properly implemented at ground. No doubt CMSSY is a very good initiative; however, unless it is properly implemented at ground it will serve no purpose. Govt should constitute a monitoring committee to strictly monitor the implementation of CMSSY scheme. Till the committee visits district and verify the implementation of projects at ground, no fund should be released.