PRC and politicians

Dear Editor,
We have so many things that we can look up to and learn from our international counterparts in terms of how to run a government and play fair in politics.
The PRC issue has got to be the record breaking longest debate that our state or at least to say the country has seen so far.
It is extremely embarrassing to see some of our politicians go to extreme lengths, the most dire tactics in order to gain votes and acclaim power. Haven’t we seen enough examples of where that leads? The affect of granting citizenships to immigrants and non-native people?
The state of confusion and denial, past incidents of violence among citizens of our neighbor Assam should be enough to strike us with the sense of reality and realization.
To see how precise and cautious the process of granting of permanent citizenship works in countries like the USA and others, makes ours look like a joke where the citizenship works by some politicians making promises to certain specific communities.
And most of the time, dare I say happens right before the upcoming election or happens in order to win favours and votes and it is no secret because everyone is aware of how lowly and dirty the game of politics and power go.
They are so blinded by greed that they’re totally ignoring what the situation would look 15-20 years from now when all the damage would already be done irreversibly and they wouldn’t be in power either.
There is no feeling of hatred towards those who have been promised citizenship but then again the whole balance of the system will be thrown out of the window if this proceeds.
It is now the responsibility of those who are woke and aware and knows what this could lead to if it comes to implication and to identify the faults and acknowledge the mistakes and know whom to elect as the leaders. Till then we can stand for what’s right and what we believe would be the best for the future and hope and pray that it all works out in the best possible way.
Authentic Arunachalee