Indigenous foods facing extinction: Ngandam

LONGDING, Jan 28: Education Minister Honchun Ngandam called for preservation and promotion of the state’s indigenous foods.
“Our local indigenous foods are in danger of going extinct as we are inclined towards easier and alien fast food. Our food items are organic, and we must preserve and promote them,” said Ngandam at a special programme organized by the Shungkuh Wancho Women Welfare Society here on 26 January.
MLA Thangwang Wangham exhorted the people to abstain from opioid addiction and advertise the rich traditional food items of the Wanchos instead.
Besides the MLA and the minister, the ADC, the SP, the DDSE and officers of various departments of Longding district attended the programme and savoured the flavours of local cuisines, including millet beer.
The event was and effort of the organizers to promote and preserve the state’s indigenous, traditional food items, and also to create awareness on the harmful effects of opioid addiction.