Improve interactions between police and children: DGP

ITANAGAR, Feb 4: Director General of Police (DGP) SBK Singh has called for measures to improve interactions between the police and schoolchildren to encourage holistic education and character-building.
He said this during an interactive session with the heads of 32 educational institutions, NGO members, and others at the police officers’ mess here on 2 February.
The DGP encouraged senior police officers to visit schools more often, and suggested inviting children to police stations and police offices.
“Children are the future of this country, and they have to be provided with holistic education to be responsible world citizens. Principals and teachers of schools certainly have a role to play, but the police also have a definite role,” he said.
He advised interested college students to undergo internship in the police department, besides presenting plays and skits together in the localities, demonstrations on traffic rules at schools and colleges, self-defence demonstrations, etc.
Singh informed that, as per the request made by the law college here, the police training centre in Banderdewa can accommodate and train faculty members of the college on criminal subjects such as CrPC, IPC and criminology, as part of an internship programme.
DIGP (HQ) Kime Kaming made a PowerPoint presentation on community policing initiative for schoolchildren, showing that schoolchildren, being the most vulnerable, are affected by serious crimes and evil forces.
The DIGP said preventive actions and awareness campaigns are the need of the hour to prevent child abuse in India, besides child trafficking, cyber safety for children, drug addiction, and issues related to schooling, such as bullying, teasing and ridiculing.
Educational heads of the NERIST, Don Bosco College, Law College, VKV, etc, offered their suggestions. Among others, the programme was attended by IGP (L/O) SP Hooda and representatives from the HPCL and the Art of Living.
Organised by the Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP), the interactive session was based on the prime minister’s initiative on providing proper attention towards schoolchildren. The National Police Mission recently worked on a community project titled ‘Children and police’ in this regard.
The idea of organizing the session was initiated by the APP Welfare Society’s ex-officio chief advisor Sushi Singh.