Sorry for the inconvenience

Dear Editor,
Yesterday, while I was heading towards Itanagar, I saw something out of the blue. The 9ft tall “Road under construction, Sorry for the inconvenience” banner.
That was unconventional. Our CM is so much concerned for the well-being of the people. “Wow” I thought. But wait, is he bothered about the APPSC fiasco where thousands of youth have lost all hope of getting employed in time? Is there a concern for TAH scam? Forget about the sorry banner; is he even apologetic about it?
Then, I realised Narendra Modi is visiting. At that instant my “Wow” for CM shattered. The proud 9ft “Sorry for the inconvenience” banner isn’t sorry for me and you, but Our Honourable Prime Minister of India.
Not politically motivated but concerned about this attitude of “Sabka Sath, Ek Ka Vikas. ” And I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Nabam Kayang