Deep divide between elite and commoner

Dear Editor,
Our state The Land Of Rising Sun is in great periphery. The dependency has lead to the divisions. It’s being dominated by the center. The argument is that the core dominates us in terms of industry, technology, research technology and capital income.
There is a clear division between the rich and the poor in the state. The rich people are becoming economical and political elites. They are all cooperating with one another to ensure that they stay in power and increase their own wealth. They are trying to collaborate with one another to maintain the system the way of division. Hence, remains and stay in power.
We are serving in the interest of most powerful and rich elites so called “Babus”. The babu’s are becoming elites and as we all are serving in the interest of this elite group. We are becoming an instrument for the rich people. The system is drowning away. Even the education system serves their interest.
As a result we all serve in the interest of the wealthy. They don’t serve the interest of us; they don’t promote development.
Instead they are promoting exploitation.
A citizen