Jamsenpa promotes NE tourism in Thailand

BANGKOK, Feb 16: Everester Anshu Jamsenpa called upon the people of Thailand and other ASEAN countries to explore the Northeast India.
Jamsenpa was speaking during a function held here in Thailand last Saturday, which saw the participation of over 400 delegates from Northeast India who had converged at the Thai capital to promote bilateral trade, tourism and cultural exchange during the three-day ‘North East India Festival’ which concluded on 10 February.
The festival was organized by TM Trends chief functionary Shyam Kanu Mahanta, and was supported by the Indian embassy and the North Eastern Council.
Jamsenpa also walked the ramp as a ‘celebrity show-stopper.’
Several ambassadors of ASEAN countries, including Indian Ambassador Suchitra Durai, Thailand’s Commerce Minister Chutima Bunyapraphasara, NEC advisor R Lalrodingi, former MoS for tourism Omak Apang, and AMASA president Tsering Wange attended the function.