Caught between the devils and deep sea

Dear Editor,
Kudos to Arunachal Times for the humanitarian editorial titled “Stop harassing innocent Kashmiris”(February 19).
Among the CRPF personnel killed in Pulwama; along with Maneshwar Basumatari(Assam), Vasantha Kumar V.V(Kerala), Guru H(Karnataka), Vijay Soreng(Jharkhand), Ashvni Kumar Kaochi(Madhya Pradesh) and Tilak Raj(Himachal Pradesh); Kashmir has also lost a son through the martyrdom of Naseer Ahmad! Just like the non-Kashmiri victims, innumerable Kashmiris(civilians and non-civilians) are losing their lives in militant operations since decades in the Valley! Less said about their loss of livelihood and educational career the better. Now if “mainstream” Indians make such general character assassination of all Kashmiris through a single black stroke; won’t the hapless Kashmiris find themselves stranded between devils and deep sea! Is this the way to deal with all Kashmiris whom we refer to as “integral part of India”?
Those brute crude elements branding all Kashmiris or Muslims as terrorists and harassing the innocent ones are nothing but scandal and cancer in the name of “nationalists”.
Kajal Chatterjee,