Poultry farming trg imparted

NAMSAI, Feb 22: Forty beneficiaries took part in a two-day training programme on ‘scientific poultry farming’ which concluded here on Thursday.
The training, imparted by the Namsai KVK under the TSP programme to develop poultry villages in the district, benefitted villagers from Chongkham, Momong, Lathao, Sumuguri, Habi Gaon, Namliang, Kaba, Podumoni, Khungsung, Piyong, Deobil, Alubari, Naputia, Kopatani and Mahadevpur III.
Animal science scientists Drs Binod Kr Dutta Borah and Santosh Kumar explained the concept of ‘one village, one product’, the importance of poultry villages, poultry farming for income generation, improved breeds of poultry, nutritional requirement of poultry, feeding of poultry, vaccination schedule, etc.
KVK Head Dr Debasis Sasmal spoke on integration of poultry farming with fish production, and encouraged the farmers to avail the KVK’s assistance in developing their own model farms.
As many as 1750 chicks of improved poultry breed, Kalinga Brown, along with supplementary medicine and feed were distributed to the beneficiaries.