Governor appeals for peace

ITANAGAR, Feb 24: Amid protests over the issue of granting permanent resident certificates to non-APSTs, Governor BD Mishra has appealed to the people of the state to remain calm and maintain peace.
“Arunachalees have always demonstrated their rationality, sagacity and maturity in their conduct under all circumstances,” the governor said in a statement.
He urged the elders and elites of the society to come forward and advise the youths to “display the Arunachalee spirit.”
Mishra also advised the state government to take all precautionary measures to check vandalism, stop violence and prevent unruly incidents.
The governor expressed condolences over causalities that occurred during the course of the protests.
“This is not only a painful loss to the victims’ families but a loss for the state as well,” he said. (Raj Bhavan)