Let the healing process start

Even in her most difficult time, the mother of Biki Ruja, the youth who was killed in police firing during the anti-PRC agitation, has set an amazing example by appealing for peace and urging people not to further provoke the situation by using her son’s unfortunate death. Biki Yapa, the mother of late Ruja, has won the hearts of millions of Arunachalees with her exemplary act of kindness. For any mother, losing a 20-year-son with a bright future will not be easy. Despite the immense pain, she showed composure by appealing for peace. She sent out a strong message to those who were trying to use the death of her son to further unleash chaos in the state capital.
For her benevolent act, the people of the state capital shall forever be indebted to her. She has played a pivotal role in stopping the cycle of violence in the capital complex with her appeal for peace. In return, the people of the state should never forget the sacrifice of Ruja. The state government also needs to reach out to the family members of those who were killed, and those who were injured. Just the announcement of compensation will not heal the pain. There should be interactions between representatives of the government and the victims’ families. For the healing process to begin, both sides should listen to each other. However, the state government will have to make the first move by reaching out to the victim families.