Bag of tricks

Dear Editor,
Politics is an art. All that said to be true, indeed people have been gullible enough so much so that that we tend to be blown away by the face value, tribal and religious affinity when we elect our leaders. We are much delighted by the hollow promises that they pull out from their bag of tricks.
The festival of democracy is here. It’s the quintessential feature being the right to exercise our franchise.
So reinvigorate thy political metabolism, as it’s high time that we straighten our conscience and strengthen our political values and vote diligently. It’s time that we vote for a change. Self-proclaimed leaders who have taken us for a ride need to be electorally bedridden.
Political machoism of the self-proclaimed, self-obsessed, and self-glorified leader should be vitiated by political masculinity of the popular voice made effective by the exercise of our franchise. It time to give it back Arunachal. The epithet of “Land of Kusi Kusi”, “Dhulinagar” as such should be a thing of past. “VIP” culture where they construct road only for the minister’s visit, only around “VIP” centres should be rejected by the “Very Intelligent People (real VIP)”. They must be taught that do not have the power to rule but only the authority to govern given to them by mundane people like us.
John F Kennedy aptly said that the ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all. Bad leaders are elected by good citizens who do not vote. Let’s save democracy in Arunachal from political casteism and elitism by casting our vote and by voting prudently.
David Koyu,