Rebia not to contest, says will support Hali

MANI, Mar 22: Cabinet minister and sitting Doimukh MLA Nabam Rebia, who was denied the BJP party ticket, has announced that he will not contest the assembly election this year.
Addressing the public here in Papum Pare district on Thursday, Rebia said he along with three others had applied for the ruling party’s ticket, and the party recommended Tana Hali for it.
“Even if I did not get the party ticket I will remain in the BJP and continue to serve the people. I don’t want to change parties,” Rebia said.
Saying that he carried out several developmental works in the Doimukh constituency, Rebia expressed hope that Hali would maintain the momentum and finish the incomplete projects.
Rebia also expressed serious concern over the large-scale destruction of properties, including his, during the recent anti-PRC riots, and urged the state government to investigate the case thoroughly.
“I did not commit any fault as the chairman of the JHPC on PRC. The committee was tasked to prepare a report and, accordingly, we did our job. The report was to be tabled in the assembly only for discussion. However, the whole issue was not properly clarified to the public. The issue was also politicized and, unfortunately, three precious lives were lost. But now the government has decided to scrap it forever, and the PRC is a closed chapter,” Rebia said.
He said the JHPC on PRC had been there since many years back, and earlier, the likes of late CM Jarbom Gamlin and APCC president Takam Sanjoy had also been its chairmen.
“The committee under my chairmanship visited all the districts and held consultative meetings with the stakeholders,” Rebia said.