Modalities worked out to ease traffic congestion in capital

ITANAGAR, Mar 23: Issues related to traffic management and modalities to ease traffic congestion in the capital complex were discussed during a meeting at the deputy commissioner’s office here on Saturday.
DC Himanshu Gupta and SP Tumme Amo stressed on coordination among the civil agencies and the police for effective traffic management. They highlighted the four strategic areas of traffic engineering, traffic regulation, traffic enforcement, and traffic awareness.
Under traffic engineering, the DC directed the Itanagar EAC and the SDPO to carry out a survey to make the road which connects Chandranagar to Division IV, and the road which connects Abotani Colony via the Hotel Waii International/Arun Subansiri operational to decrease the traffic flow on the main highway.
He also directed the PWD to carry out repair and maintenance work on the road connecting Abotani Colony to the Arun Subansiri.
To ease the traffic situation in Naharlagun, the DC directed the Naharlagun EAC and the SDPO to visit the under-construction bridge connecting Borum to Yupia near the helipad, and the road connecting the Naharlagun railway station to Tarajuli, and to submit the status report to him.
The PWD EEs of Itanagar and Naharlagun and the highway department were also directed to identify areas of traffic jam or narrow road width for carrying out corrective measures.
Under traffic regulation, the DC directed the town planning department to prepare a map showing the entry and exit roads for Itanagar and Naharlagun traffic divisions.
It was also decided that specific stoppages for vehicles like Trekkers, Tempos, etc, would be identified at places like Chimpu, Gohpur, Vivek Vihar, Akashdeep, near the tennis court, etc.
Under traffic enforcement, it was decided that strict enforcement of traffic rules would be carried out by the traffic staff along with the police, especially in cases of drunk and rash driving, driving while using mobile phones, driving on the wrong side, etc.
For better communication between traffic wardens and the police, the DC informed that walkie-talkies would be provided to the traffic personnel on duty.
Under traffic awareness, the DC informed that traffic awareness sessions would be conducted at schools and colleges by the administration, in consultation with the traffic police, and across the city, in consultation with the transport department.
He said a proposal would be submitted to the government to include traffic awareness as an important part of any IEC activity carried out by the IPR department.
The SP also suggested various measures to improve the traffic situation in the capital complex. (DIPRO)