Cash seizure crosses Rs 3 Cr mark

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: The amount of cash seized in Arunachal Pradesh by various authorities appointed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) crossed the Rs 3 crore mark on Friday.
According to information made available on the ECI’s official website, the total amount of cash seized in the state stood at Rs 3.16 crore on Friday.
A total of Rs 3.77 crore had been seized in Arunachal Pradesh during the 2014 election.
Andhra Pradesh, with Rs 82.2 crore, is still sitting atop the list of the states with the highest cash seizures, followed by Tamil Nadu (Rs 72 crore), Telengana (Rs 18.08 crore) and Uttar Pradesh (Rs 14.68 crore, according to the ECI.
Overall, the total amount of cash seized across the country by various authorities stood at Rs 250 crore, besides drugs worth Rs 674.741 crore and liquors worth Rs 122.339 crore.