Alleged accused deny vandalism charge

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 30: Three men who have been accused of allegedly being involved in the recent incident of vandalism at former MLA Likha Saaya’s residence in Nirjuli claimed on Saturday that the allegation against them was false and baseless.
Addressing the media in a press conference at the Arunachal Press Club, Rending Tayo Biki said the charge levelled against him by Saaya’s brother, Likha Tath, was false as he (Biki) had reached Saaya’s residence only after the incident had occurred.
Claiming innocence, Biki said he was being framed by Saaya’s family.
“On receiving a message from Saaya’s brother, calling his supporters and well-wishers to Saaya’s residence on 24 March, I also went there to attend the meeting. When I reached his residence, the house had already been ransacked and vandalized; so there is no question of my playing the role of the ringleader in the vandalism,” Biki said.
Biki went on to claim that although he did enter Saaya’s bedroom, his intention was to console him, not to attempt to harm him or murder him, as claimed in the FIR.
“I went inside his bedroom to console him. I did not get the opportunity to meet him, and I did not possess any lethal weapon as claimed in the FIR,” he said.
The other alleged accused, Khoda Tabang and Jamlo Issac, who were arrested by the police, also claimed to be innocent and denied the charges made in the FIR.
“I had no role in vandalizing Likha Saaya’s residence. I was falsely charged,” said Tabang.
“I had also gone to Saaya’s residence to attend the meeting after receiving his message. However, later, the agitated people started damaging chairs when Saaya decided not to contest,” said Issac, claiming that he was not involved in the ransacking and the arson.
Former Yachuli MLA Saaya’s residence was vandalized by angry supporters on the evening of 24 March, reportedly after Saaya decided not to contest the election.