Statehood Act at core of PPA’s manifesto

ITANAGAR, Mar 30: The People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) said it will emphasize on the issue of the “defective” Statehood Act of 1987 as the core issue of its 2019 election manifesto.
Releasing its manifesto on Saturday, the party said it will particularly emphasize on the parliamentary election as it feels that “only the parliamentarians belonging to its regional parties can initiate and create the much-needed environment in the floor of the union parliament for the amendment of the defective Statehood Act 1987.”
The party also termed the citizenship amendment bill “unpopular, anti-democratic, anti-secular and anti Northeast,” adding that the party is “particularly aggrieved over the NDA’s announcement that if voted back to power it would bring it back into an act.”
In a press release, the PPA said, “The national parties have manifestos which have national issues as election agendas. All the former parliamentarians representing the state in the parliament from other political parties have so far gravely failed to take up this vital subject on the floor of the parliament, which over the decades has turned out to be the main cause of the continued dependence on the Centre for grants and assistance.”
This dependence, it said, led to frequent defections in the state’s politics, making a mockery of the anti-defection law of the country.
“These defections of the party legislators have given way to instability, growing corruption and finally the loss of faith in the system of the governance in the state,” the PPA said.