Encroachment of a river

Dear Editor,
Arunachal is well known for its unique diversity of cultures and tribes, customs and practices but one that stands out above all its luscious greenery and the fresh waterfalls and rivers that adorns it. Yet the most disappointing thing of all is the lack of gratitude, admiration and concern among the people towards it.
Encroachment has always been pretty rampant across the state. There was a whole lot of commotion going in and around concerning the encroachment of government quarters. Though what we didn’t hear or see is anyone opposing the encroachment of the rivers and the forest.
The sight of the river encroachment along Jully road is absolutely appalling. The fresh water that once used to flow through the area is now non-existent. People have literally blocked the river with heavy retaining walls and established settlements by violating nature. The water now sits stagnant which could potentially lead to diseases.
The most concerning part of it is the possible outburst, which would be a Flashflood. Unsupervised bulldozing of land leading to road blockage and even landslides during rain. We aren’t short of the instances from which we can learn. Yet, we are so ignorant and people get killed every day due to ignorance.
What’s even more disgusting is the fact that the so-called bridges and the structures along the road are probably all contract works to squeeze in money.
My question is how can the concerned authority allow this? Our leaders and administration are so busy playing powers and politics that they’re ignoring the state of decline of their own dwelling. And instead of dabbling in absurd issues why not spare a thought on this very topic. Why not impose a sanction against it? It is the collective responsibility of the public and the authority to tackle. Because currently, ours look like the land of the lawless.
We all must be concerned about what is happening and what is to come. Proper education is one of the major keys. Once Mother Nature unleashes her fury to take back what’s hers, we will have no options left but to bear the consequences.
Yasum D