Assault on employees on election duty

Dear Editor,
On 11th April 2019 at 53 Changlang North during the election duty our team was assaulted.
The government should at least provide the polling team with proper security in a place like Changlang, which comes under disturbed area.
Our team consisted of 5 women with 2 women constables and a male in his late 50’s as polling assistant. Even the two constables were also harassed by the miscreant.
I was the 1st polling officer, I was almost harmed.
Fortunately I escaped his fist blow. He entered the polling room out of the blue and threw the stuffs which were placed on the table where I was seated. This happened right after when one voter was rejected by the polling agents on the charge of impersonation so I had to let go the voter after examining, since one of my duties was to identify the voters. Most of the time i was left with no decision because of the two opposition-polling agents. I had no choice whom to listen to. This was like a nightmare for me facing this barbaric act in a place where I don’t belong.
I strongly condemn such types of barbaric act in the future with anyone.
The higher authorities should take the responsibility to provide a proper and a safe security to all the polling teams, especially to the ladies polling team in the future. No one’s life should be at stake for the sake of performing election duty. This was the darkest day of my life till date. Is this what govt servants earn for performing our duties honestly?
Last but not the least I forgive this person and I pray that he realises his mistakes and never to repeat such type of act in the future and no matter how powerful you are , all of us has to die one day.
We have one life why not live in peace!
A govt employee on election duty