Animal birth control, vaccination held

ITANAGAR, Apr 24: The first phase of the animal birth control-cum-vaccination programme was organised by ‘Caretaker,’ a voluntary organisation, here at the government veterinary hospital on Wednesday under the supervision of Senior Veterinary OfficerDr Rukbo.
The organisation, ‘Caretaker’ works towards welfare of animals in distress, especially stray dogs in and around the Capital Complex
In a press release, the organization informed that three stray dogs (two male &one female) were captured from Legi Complex, Chimpu and DN College area of Itanagaron pilot basis.
The captured stray dogs were neutered and also vaccinated against rabies. These dogs were put under the care of temporary shelter of the Caretaker for post operation care. Once they are fit, they will be given out for adoption to interested families. In case they are not adopted, they will permanently stay with other dogs at the shelter, the organization added.