Is Arunachal equipped to handle natural disasters?

Comments from readers: –

1. Our state government is ill-equipped to handle natural disasters. Frequently occurring calamities have failed to make any substantial change on the part of the authorities. This opinion might be harsh, but this is the reality. However, it is expected that those at the helm of affairs will tighten up their belts and come up with a concrete mechanism to deal with natural disasters of any magnitude. The citizens should be involved in dissemination of important information pertaining to natural disasters and other life-saving drills.
2. Arunachal never handles natural disasters efficiently. The government should regularly monitor all the vulnerable areas as the rainy season is coming up, and warn and guide the public wherever disaster is likely to occur. Accordingly, all equipment should be upgraded and manpower should be kept on standby to handle any untoward natural disaster efficiently anytime, anywhere.
3. Arunachal Pradesh has low quality infrastructure of buildings and bridges, and with the narrow-minded people divided by tribes, religions and politics, when the time comes, we all shall meet in hell.
4. The construction of the buildings in the twin capital towns is very haphazard and probably bypassing the standard norms. May god forbid, but an earthquake will be a major disaster here.
5. No. Marega sab ek saath aur NDRF dekhte rehega humlog ko. Pahar and jungle kaatke khatam kar raha hei hum lug. Apna per mai kuthar mar raha hai khuh-ba-khud.
6. Natural disaster? We can’t even handle an election.
7. There is no activity or training regarding any natural disaster, especially earthquake, for the public from the state government. The people as well as the government of Arunachal Pradesh will be totally blank if, unfortunately, any incident occurs.
8. The government does not have the time for this. They are just into politics and power.
9. With all the illegal buildings, land cutting, etc, Arunachal is just one major disaster away from being obliterated.
10. Looking at the haphazard construction and earth-cutting without taking into account the seismic concerns, the capital complex in general will not be ready for a tremor of greater magnitude.
11. There is no sign of disaster management preparedness in the district till date.
12. What a joke! Why do you pose questions for answers that everyone already knows? In case of any natural calamity, we are prepared only to ask for monetary compensation from the government.
13. I don’t think so. The state gets repeatedly attacked by nature; still our state is not equipped to deal with natural disasters.
14. Arunachal is prone to natural disasters but the government is not upgrading its machinery’s functionality.
15. To me it’s ambiguous. Disaster preparedness in our state is totally vague. The government and the common citizens must keep in mind that our state is placed under highly seismic Zone V. We should not forget the 2015 Nepal devastation and the recent 6.1 magnitude earthquake which occurred near Aalo on 24 Aprikl. Therefore, the state and the district administrations need to be alert and hold natural disaster drills regularly, so as to contain the havoc and minimize the loss of life and properties.
16. Arunachal Pradesh is an earthquake prone region in India, and also, the foothills of this state are flood prone. The hilly parts also frequently suffer from landslides. That’s why Arunachal Pradesh needs natural disaster management.
17. Arunachal Pradesh seems not equipped to deal with any natural disaster as every time there is any natural disaster like earthquake, flashflood, seasonal flood, fire incidents, forest fires, etc, the state government seeks help from external agencies.
18. No. The department concerned is not capable. The staffs and officials are corrupt and backdoor appointees. Forget a mega-quake, it can’t even handle electric short-circuits.