Pre-monsoon rains damage NH 52B in Longding

LONGDING, May 4: Pre-monsoon rains have caused serious damages to National Highway (NH) 52B in Longding district and washed away all the temporary bridges on the highway, informed the Longding District Students’ Union (LDSU).
Incessant rains have resulted in the road becoming muddy and slippery, making it extremely difficult for vehicular movement, and flashfloods
caused by the rains washed away all the temporary bridges over the streams and rivers on the highway, the union said.
“Now the people have to rely only on the Longding-Bimlapur road. But this road is also in a very bad shape with multiple pits and potholes all along it. The worst sufferers are patients, students and officials,” the LDSU said.
It alleged that the authorities concerned are paying little attention to carrying out repair and maintenance work, due to which, it said, the road is deteriorating further.
Expressing apprehension that road blockage might occur if the road remains unattended to, the union requested the state government and the authorities concerned to have it repaired before road transportation to the district is totally snapped.