Aboh’s assassination a political murder: NPP

ITANAGAR, May 22: The National People’s Party (NPP) has termed the assassination of its candidate for the Khonsa west assembly constituency and sitting MLA Tirong Aboh a “political murder.”
The party, during an emergency state executive meeting here on Wednesday in Papum Pare district, said that Aboh was one of the NPP candidates “who had good prospects of winning the election, and was therefore, murdered.”
Claiming that this is the first ever incident where insurgent groups ambushed and killed a contesting candidate in the state assembly election, the state NPP appealed to the state and central governments to immediately deploy paramilitary forces and conduct operation against the insurgent groups.
“We also urge the investigation team of the Police department to trace out the political leaders of Tirap district who connived with the militant groups to kill Aboh,” the NPP stated.
The NPP further alleged that its state leaders and MLA candidates are being targeted by militant groups and requested the state government to provide sufficient security personnel to protect their lives.
The party also stated that “during an election campaign, supporter of late Tirong Aboh, Jaley Anna was beaten to death by an insurgent group.”
“Gaon burah Bengia Tamang, who was the supporter of NPP candidate Pani Taram was also shot dead on 26 April near Taba polling station under Koloriang assembly constituency in Kurung Kumey district by supporters of the BJP candidate during the election campaign.
The NPP workers, leaders and candidates are systematically being targeted,” the party alleged.
Under the chairmanship of NPP state president Gicho Kabak, party members expressed deep sadness on the brutal killing of Aboh, state NPP general secretary Wangngoi Hakhun and nine others who were accompanying them.
Five minutes silence was observed as a mark of tribute to the departed souls by the assembled NPP leaders.
Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Ahmed Patel also questioned the role of the Government of India over the killing of Tirong Aboh.
Taking to Twitter, Patel asked: “In 2015, the BJP announced a Naga Accord with the NSCN (IM). Today they are blaming the NSCN (IM) for the Arunachal Terror attack. So was there ever an accord or was the nation misled?”
The Indian government and the NSCN (IM) had in August 2015 signed a ‘Framework Agreement’ in a bid to resolve the Naga conflict. The agreement was never made public and it has not been implemented yet.
Also terming Aboh’s death a “political assassination,” the NEFA Indigenous Human Rights Organisation (NIHRO) demanded that his opponent candidate and party be banned from contesting in the future election, particularly in Khonsa West assembly constituency.
The organisation also questioned “why the state government did not provide additional security to him though it was clear that he was facing threat from underground groups.”
“Late Tirong Aboh was reported to be facing serious security threats from the beginning. His supporter, Jaley Ana was assassinated by the same extremist forces. Yet the state government did not accord him additional security,” it said.
Squarely holding the chief secretary and DGP responsible for the security failure, the NIHRO demanded immediate transfer of the incumbent chief secretary and DGP from the state.
It also sought proper investigation to unearth nexus between politicians and underground groups.
“We demand thorough probe into this brutal killing by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and stringent action should be taken against whosoever is involved, particularly those political leaders or party keeping nexus with undergrounds,” it added.
The NIHRO also alleged the state administration of remaining insensitive to the law and order breakdown.