TCL needs a permanent solution

Dear Editor,
The recent horrific incident brought upon sitting and contesting lawmaker Tirong Aboh and 10 others, allegedly by one of the factions of the NSCN, has once again rocked the Tirap Changlang Longding (TCL) region and established the fact that the region is largely infected by the menace of the NSCN.
As a follow-up to the incident, a combing operation was launched a day after the massacre to bring the perpetrators to justice. But it is important to know and realize that such operations are not going to bear fruit in the long run unless the top brass of the NSCN is dealt with strongly and properly by the government of India. Such operations are like giving painkillers to a patient suffering from a serious disease, rather than operating the whole thing and freeing the patient forever.
Hence, the need of the hour is to deal with the top brass of the NSCN in the best possible way, in the interest of the denizens of TCL.
Also, the brethren of the region must stop joining the insurgent groups out of emotion, otherwise the vicious cycle of killing and joining will never end, and the victims will be us, the people of the TCL region, not the invaders who came from foreign territories.
We need to understand that the NSCN was never ours and never will be, but they are using us against our own people for their selfish motives. The time has come to disassociate ourselves openly and denounce the so-called movement for ‘greater Nagalim’ on our soil. Let them carry out their propaganda in any other part of the globe, but not in TCL in particular and Arunachal Pradesh in general.
A frustrated denizen of TCL