Declare RFO results

Dear Editor,
With pain in my heart and tears in my eyes, I am compelled to write this letter to you to draw the kind attention of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission and ask why they are treating the range forest officer (RFO) aspirants as second-class citizens.
It’s been a year – I repeat, one complete year – since the time we wrote our RFO exam in June 2018.
When will the commission declare the result?
The RFO exam was conducted without any problem, unlike the APPSCE mains. We just don’t understand what makes our competent commission become a centre of hopelessness.
It’s heard that the PGT and the TGT results will be declared early, which in fact, was conducted much later than the RFO exam. Also, these two exams had thousands of candidates. If this action is to be believed, there is no doubt that our esteemed commission doesn’t have any caring attitude towards the RFO aspirants and their aspirations.
What should be done? Where shall we go? Should we opt for dharna and all kinds of tricks to make our genuine demand heard?
Please don’t make us to do that. We are as decent and lovable as your own children.
We never desire to see our commission in a bad light and hope the same from them.
Once again, I urge our esteemed commission to declare the RFO exam result as soon as possible. There are still a few people who respect and believe in your competence.
RFO aspirant