Monsoon triggers inundation of Siang river

PASIGHAT, Jun 24: Heavy rains in the upper reaches of the Siang region have led to a rise in the water levels of the rivers.
The surging waters of the Siang river are eroding its left bank in the Sigar and Borguly portions and posing a serious threat to Serum, Kongkul and Namsing villages in Mebo subdivision downstream.
Incessant rains are also affecting normal life and greatly inconveniencing schoolchildren and office-goers. Rainwater has filled the low-lying areas and inundated human habitations in several locations.
Water from the Siang and the Sibiya rivers flowing into the Lali river is also causing floods in downstream Jonai in nearby Assam. The overflowing Lali river has breached the bund in Mudoi Debera on its right bank, and has flooded many riverine villages in Jonai.