Go easy on maths in APPSCCE

Dear Editor,
It is good to hear that the state government is considering bringing the UPSC pattern in the APPSCCE. But the APPSC should adopt the complete pattern of the UPSC, not just modification.
As per the UPSC civil service pattern, there is only one optional paper in the mains exam. The optional paper is the mother of all controversies in the APPSCCE. I have been appearing in the APPSCCE since 2005. In the mains optional paper also, questions are set which are out of syllabus. But, thank god, so far nobody has complained about it and gone to court.
There are people who look for an opportunity to create unnecessary controversy, affecting other aspirants. So the APPSC should also remove one optional paper from mains exam, ie, one optional paper, general studies, general English and an easy paper in the mains exam.
Through your esteemed daily, we would like inform those concerned that the maths question paper should be kept away from the APPSCCE. In clerk and other exams, due to maths, we arts graduates are in a disadvantageous position. It is in the APPSCCE where a good number of arts graduates clear the exam. If maths is given importance in the upcoming APPSCCE, those of us without a maths background would be compelled to seek legal help.
Tupe Bake,