Trg in citrus pest mgmt imparted

KANUBARI, Jun 28: Twenty-five farmers participated in a training programme on ‘integrated disease and pest management in citrus’, organised here by the Longding Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) on Friday.
The programme was aimed at broadening the participants’ knowledge regarding pest management in citrus fruits.
After KVK Head (in-charge) Dr Kirankumar Singh delivered the opening address, plant protection scientist Dr Senpon Ngomle apprised the farmers of disease and pest management in citrus, and advised them to “combine various control measures that complement each other for effective and economic management of diseases and pests.”
Dr Ngomle emphasized on organic management approaches, such as using bio-control measures, botanicals, bio-pesticides, etc.
KVK scientist Dr T Tayo also spoke.